Profoundly well written. What I liked the most was that he has stuck to facts, and has demolished the neutral media, outrightly.
If an opinion can bring about some change, we should opine ourselves rather than shying behind the walls of neutrality, and that is exactly what Chandrahas is doing through his blog, “The Novice Soul”. Read this wonderfully scripted article which has a perfect blend of facts, history, and opinions.

The Novice Soul

With the ongoing tension pertaining Bihar politics and the persistent allegations being made on Mr.Lalu prasad yadav, the former chief minister of Bihar and his Son Mr. Tejasvi Yadav, Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, the great alliance between RJD and JD (U) became a total fiasco, which the anti-BJP parties once deemed as a greatest weapon to face off Mr.Narendra Modi in 2019 election. The tension simmered between the two parties when CBI filed a complaint against Lalu and family in ‘Land for Hotels’ scandal which was allegedly committed when Lalu prasad was in charge of Ministry of Railways.

The oppositions were keen on Tejasvi yadav resigning off the post whereasRJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav had insisted his son Tesjashwi Yadav would not resign as the deputy chief minister over alleged corruption charges and with the prevailing circumstances in alliance it became difficult for Mr. Nitish kumar to…

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  1. Hope to see more from you sometime!


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