Why not a politician? 

“Our country is caught in the viscous web of corruption. People need to come up to eradicate this virus from our country. I want to be one of those accomplished doctors who can produce an antidote to immune the country.  I want to become a political leader. I want to serve this country with honesty. ” said Suresh and as he said so,  the judges sitting in the Jury box saw each other’s face in astonishment. 

Yes astonishment, shock and bewilderment. Ours reaction won’t be different to the judges,  if we would’ve confronted ourselves with a student of 5th or 6th grade saying that he/she wants to pursue politics as a career. There’s enthusiasm in everyone to know the political affairs happening within the country and across the globe but none of us want to become a part of them. Why is it so? Why do people see politics as a career with altogether a different mind set?

Whether it’s waking up and reading the newspaper early in the morning, or having a casual chat with some random people near the tea stall or discussing with the workmates in lunch, there is barely  a day that we do not come across or do not talk about the political affairs. We brutally criticize the government for working improperly, taking right decisions in wrong time or taking wrong decision. We criticize the opposition for not holding their ground properly and letting the ruling party get away with the decision in the parliament. We criticize everybody, every person who has even the minutest link with politics.

This clearly means that we see politics and politicians with a very different vision. The normal perception about the political system in our country is that it is a decaying and rotten system. Politics perhaps is a tricky and malicious game and that’s why many players withdraw themselves from playing this game.

Think about a situation. A boy from middle class is greatly influenced by Politics. He is now matured enough to take a decision on his career. A night he discloses his plan with his father. He tells him that he wants to enter in politics and join xyz party and of course the purpose of all this conversation is nothing but to take grab his father’s consent. Do you think his father will take even a second to reply in negation to him?

This is where the problem lies, people don’t see politics as safe, clean and established field. Whenever we hear that someone in our relation is in politics, the first image that our mind perceives is that he/she would be having an abundance of black money. That’s where preconceptions, come in. Read the latest post from, The Novice Soul based on prejudice and preconceptions, “Not the Cloth Size, But the Mentality” in which my friend Chandrahas shares a painful experience of a cab driver. Now let’s get back to our topic, politics and politicians always create some ugly picture. We obviously don’t want to add yet another black spot on top of that black picture. So this is where everything stops.

Talking about criticism, yes we do criticize the government, at times it is necessary, at times it is unnecessary. We come up with plans while criticizing the government. “This should have been done this way”, “demonetisation at this stage was not a wise call”, “the government isn’t participative in global events” and so on. There is a hidden political analyst in most of us and that political analyst has the potential to become a rational politician. But the only thing is that we don’t take that step forward. We repress the political analyst within ourselves. Instead of taking a step forth, we go back. 

The very term political enthusiast is befitting for us but a political worker again gives us a negative vibe. Delhi University UG admissions gives an eminent proof of the statement said above. With every year, the admissions for B.A. (Hons) Political Science is in a definite progression. It is becoming the most demanded course after B.Com. 

Now let’s get deep into the matter. Why are students preferably choosing Political Science over other under graduate courses? It is well known to us that they are not going to choose a career in politics, most of them will either try to clear UPSC, or will try to qualify NET examination and be a professor. Some might also go for management. But why to study Political Science? The basic and the most simple reason behind this is the interest and enthusiasm that people have for Politics.

As I have said, most of us have that hidden political analyst within us. The unfortunate part is that we don’t let the political analyst in us grow into a politician. We repress it and let it be confined. Here is the place where we need to break the shackles, this is where we need to burn our orthodoxy, come up and show our vibrance with more honesty. Remember every step in the right direction takes us to glory. An unprecedented change is waiting. 



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  1. A Pretty good post. But you have to do a lot of work on your website.
    Take my website for example :https://theaerospacemaven.wordpress.com

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  2. First of all it’s my duty to congratulate you, Mr. Utkarsh Ashutosh. You’ve made us see this topic in an unprecedented way.
    Now let’s talk about the topic “politics”, why don’t we see it as a option of career. The thing that is important to note, politics especially in India, as I see, has been used only as a means to divide people. Post independence, INDIA has struggled miserably to find politicians who want to work in the interest of state or nation. Everyone is overwhelmingly has become so selfless towards nation and so selfish towards herself or himself that they maligned politics extensively and intensively, as rightly said by you. Now if there are many pure rivers in the world, who would wish to drink the water of a contaminated river? This is the real problem.
    You are outstanding, Utkarsh. Great job!
    I think you’ll shine more with the time. I will eagerly await for your next article, and I hope you write the next one with more precision.

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